Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Running Mate

The Kerry campaign announced John Edwards today as its Vice Presidential running mate.  Although I was hoping for Bob Graham, because Florida was such a battle ground last time, my heart did a little leap for joy about Edwards.  Kerry is such a craggy old soul, and Edwards is so fresh and photogenic and has such a terrifically energetic presence and charismatic appeal, that I think it's a good choice.  Kerry needs someone to campaign for him, since everytime he actually does go out and speak, his poll numbers slip. 

So here's hoping that we elect a a president this November who can get out and walk down Pennsylvania Avenue to the inauguration instead of egged inside his limousine.


stwill61 said...

I like the choice of Edwards, too.  Now, admittedly, it would have been quite a coup to get John McCain.  But if we forget that possibility (no chance -- Bush/Cheney are already prepped with an ad about the "first choice") this is a great ticket.

Back to the Kerry/McCain thing, though:  Remember that the promise of "W" was that he was a "uniter."  He had made his political success by bringing people together on both sides of the aisle.  Either he was lying (ahem) or it just did not translate to Washington.

In any case, I'm pretty sure "W" did NOT succeed in bipartisanship.  Except for the sorrow over 9/11 and the resolve to fight back, have the parties been any less rancorous?  I don't think so.

But if Kerry had been able to pull a strong, independent Republican like McCain onto the ticket, it would have been quite a hit to the GOP.

Ah well.

hackermc said...

Nor do I think that the electorate will hold Kerry's courting of McCain against him.  Vis a vis your "uniting" comment, Steve, with such rabid partisanship going on in political discourse, Kerry's desire to reach across the aisle to Senator McCain can only be viewed as positive, even if it didn't work out.