Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Electronic Votes

Here's a possible solution to the perceived problems with electronic voting: there has to be a paper trail.  Okay, so we build electronic voting machines with the capability of printing out a receipt.  The voter takes his or her receipt and puts that in the ballot box, to be recounted against the results of the electronic voting to ensure accuracy.  The receipt would have a bar code with all the voter's information encrypted, but not the votes themselves.  The voter would need to be able to read the results of his or her voting.  The printout goes in the ballot box.  Thus the computer becomes nothing more than a very elaborate pen--it serves the same purpose as a pencil in marking the ballot. 

Any votes that turned up on the system but were not supported by a physical paper ballot would be invalidated.  This system would conceiveably allay fears of manipulation by computer hackers, or those interested in perpetrating election fraud.

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