Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Usually I'm in a state of pragmatic acceptance when it comes to institutions and belief systems I disagree with.  I'm wise enough to know that I cannot control them.  However, today's article by the Archbishop of Seattle published in the Seattle Times made me so bilious I flamed the diocese, proclaiming my joy and gratitude to God Almighty that He filled my ancestors with the holy spirit and directed them to follow the teachings of Martin Luther rather than their morally bankrupt and corrupt faith.  May I also state here, for the record, I thank Him for not leading me in the path of Joseph Smith, too.  Oh, and by the way I opined that the Pope was the anti-Christ.  Too much, perhaps.  But I gleefully gave them my name, address and e-mail.  I invite their response.  Even their prayers, unless that takes the form of sending Opus Dei after me to sourge my impenitent backside.  I opened my big, fat mouth.  It made me feel better.

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