Monday, July 5, 2004


Yesterday as I finished the second narrative in Hearts in Atlantis, I was overcome with an emotional reaction I have not had to a book in a very long time.  This is some of SK's best writing, IMO, a heart-felt elegy for a time when young people saw through the twisted logic of their immoral leaders and resisted them.  Nothing illustrated this more perfectly than a group of squabbling college students banding together to defend one of their own from being scapegoated out of the Academy by representatives of the "establishment."  It was a peaen for loss of innocence, not only the innocence of youth, before suffering and drudgery makes adults of them, but also the innocence of the nation itself.

The book was published in 1999--well before our current conflicts.  But the book is extremely timely nonetheless.

Rather than going to watch the traditional fireworks display last night at either of the Seattle venues, Elliott Bay or Lake Union, I decided to take in Fahrenheit 9/11 downtown where it was showing every half hour. 

I was quite entertained, and I encourage everyone to see this film.  It destroys the notion that criticising the president and opposing the war does not support the troops.  Time and again Moore provides footage of combatants, and their families, the values that lead them to make the choices that have put them in harm's way, through the conduct of a President who has never been entirely truthful.

Moore's thesis isn't always entirely convincing, but the feelings and reactions his camera catches are completely honest.  It's a magnificent film.

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