Thursday, February 17, 2005

What do We Want the Police Doing?

Do we really want to give the police the right to go fishing through our trash looking for an excuse to search our homes?

That's what the Spokane judge was wrestling with.  So I'm taking back what I said yesterday about the decision defying common sense.  Afer taking a day to reconsider, the issue doesn't seem as clear.  What the police should have done in the case of the meth lab guy was set up a sting operation.  They took a shortcut to justice and got smacked for it.  Maybe that was appropriate.  Glad I'm not the judge.

Apparently crystal methamphetamine (Tina, crank) has taken over the club scene on the west coast.  I hadn't realized the problem was so huge.  I don't get out to clubs much anymore, so I'm out of the loop.  But yesterday Andrew Sullivan provided a link to this website about crystal meth and its effect on the body and on the body politic.  Extremely interesting.  The situation seems dire.

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