Friday, February 11, 2005

I Might Sell

I may sell my Condo in Seattle and try to buy a house.   For the most part, I just want more space.  I also want more freedom.  And most of all, I don't want a homeowners association telling me what to do--even when I vote for their proposals I hate it because I'm not completely in control of the situation.  There are also other advantages to having a house.  The possibility of having a pet goes up, since I would presumably have a yard for the pet to roam in.  I might get lucky enough to have a basement--which would permit storage, exercise equipment.  And I want a cross-breeze.  My apartment has a western exposure and in the summer time it gets very warm. With no ventilation on the other side of the house things get stuffy very quickly. 

So, I'm taking action.  My realtor is coming in on presidents' day to do a walk through and look over the numbers with me.  If it looks like I can get out from under by at least breaking even, then I'm going to put the unit on the market. 

1 comment:

stwill61 said...

Congratulations on taking the step to investigate this option, Michael!

I enjoyed your current place, but all the advantages you mention about owning a house are certainly valuable.

Good luck searching!