Tuesday, February 8, 2005

All Politics are Local

I'm pragmatic, but I'm not a pessimist, therefore I feel the need to append the post I made earlier today.  I believe that local politics have a far greater impact on my life than national politics, that whether or not the Monorail gets built has far more importance than anything George W. Bush does or says, 99% of which is contemptible.  I'm far more in danger from my fellow Americans than I am an Arab terrorist.  Statistically, I mean.  If I'm to be murdered, odds are astronomically against it being by a foreign or domestic terrorist.  Much more likely that such an event would transpire, like poor Nicole DuFresne's death, from a tawdry, mundane, absurd act of violence on a street corner.

Which is to say, don't succumb to despair over the direction of the country.  Live your life.  Be well.  Prosper.  And when the time comes to vote in local elections, do so. 

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