Thursday, February 10, 2005


Who made up all the rules
We follow them like fools
Believe them to be true
Don't care to think them through

Jem's Song "They" is a smoky mix of ballad and dance, with a theme about life on the outskirts of one's zone of control.  It has a nice, slow tempo but a strong beat.  The best thing about the song is its oddity, the Neapolitan mandolins that accompany the chorus, the strange children's babble that punctuates the bridge between the verses that sounds like equal parts playground chant and X-Files.  With a chorus that repeats several times "I'm sorry, so sorry, I'm sorry, we do this..." this is a song about regrets and guilt.  But it is not about despair or defeat, for an apology is a way to save a relationship and is an expression of hope. 

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