Thursday, May 24, 2007

Can't Quite Shake It

Mood still run-down.  Trying desperately not to get grandiose with my checkbook and purchase a big ticket item in order to lift my spirits.  Went to the Lenovo site last night and ordered a 1GB memory upgrade for my stinkpad.*  I'm trying to breathe new life into it so that I don't plop another $2000 of unsecured debt down on a new one.  It's perfectly good, useable.  There's no reason to upgrade yet.  It's still under warranty!

*To clarify: I LOVE my Thinkpad, and I will probably never own anything but.

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stwill61 said...

Buying things to lift our spirits -- boy do I recognize that!

Eating things to lift our spirits -- that, too!

Oh, wait -- you didn't mention eating.  Maybe it's only me.  :-)

Congrats on resisting the big purchase.   Adding the 1GB will definitely make your Thinkpad feel a little newer.

BTW, I had a semi-impulse buy Monday.  I think I mentioned that my PC CD writer broke. Well, I walked into Best Buy and there was a brand new DVD writer for $50.  It was fate!  I had to buy it.  And some DVDs.  And some cases for the DVDs.  

I will find time this weekend to install the DVD writer.  Then I can back up stuff on a DVD.  Then I can figure out how to author a DVD.  That will be cool.

All of this helped me put some grouchiness aside for a while.  I hope your memory purchase helps, too.

But if talking helps more, you know my number.  And my @dress.