Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bad Funk

Whoa, back after a particularly bad funk.  HOA voted on a $1 million special assessment to complete repairs to the building envelope and contain water intrusion and it really sent me into a tailspin.  Haven't really been able to function for a few days.

Last night went to the park and saw a lousy game.  Left when the Mariners were down by 5.  Saw Ichiro steal one base, but that was it.  Ate an entire bag of Kettle Korn.  Ugh. 

Jerry Falwell died.  Hard not to feel a little schadenfreude.  He was a polarizing figure in politics.  He had a stupid mouth: "buy kruggerands" "tinky-winky is gay" "liberals and lesbians caused 9/11" etc.  You don't ever want to WISH death on someone, because of what that WISH may do to your own spirit.  But when death happens anyway to such a perverse figure, and one feels a sense of rapture in response--it's difficult to subdue. 

But in better news, it's Norwegian Constitution Day.  When I was growing up in Decorah, Iowa, it was called Norwegian Independence Day, but that was a misnomer.  Norway separated from Denmark, but they fell under the aegis of Sweden (after the battle of Waterloo and Napoleon's defeat--Denmark was an ally of France).  Norway wasn't fully independent until just before WWI.  But they did get a new Constitution on 17 May 1814.  In any event, it's a day to snack on lefse and think of the old country.

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