Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Let the Posturing Begin

Just a week ago the GOP was suffering from the 1-2 punch of Bob Woodward's new book and the Mark Foley Page scandal.  Now, in a move apparently calculated to assist the Republicans in November, Kim Jong Il has detonated a nuclear war head.  Of course it's foolishness to view everything in the world through the lens of partisan politics.  Call me foolish, I guess.

Bob Woodward is a Cliff Note.  The Foley scandal has a little more traction because it's salacious and hypocritical on its face.  The spin has started:  Limbaugh reacted by blaming the page!  The little Lolito brought it on himself.  There you see the opinion and values of the non-Christianist wing of the Republican party regarding sex.  Cherchez la femme inverted.  Cherchez la fag?  The Christianists are, as to be expected, blaming The Gay.  Ecce homo.  The Republican party is riddled with hummasexyools and must be purged.  Look for a Night of Long Knives in the very near future.

Let this be a lesson to the bluenoses and the ethics professors among us--there is no point to accusing the Republicans of hypocrisy.  Like the fact that Macintosh computers are better than Windows-based computers--it simply doesn't matter.  The only thing that matters is what sells.  The Republicans will always have a scapegoat.  And they, because of their conservatism, can rest easy on the point of view that the evil you know is far preferable to the evil you don't know.  Whereas democrats, as progressives, must sell idealism to the masses.  The democrats have a much more difficult task.

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