Thursday, October 12, 2006

Let it Be

I'm tired of the Foley scandal already.  Dennis Hastert was elected to be the third most powerful person in the United States, not a babysitter.  He rightly delegated that responsibility to the people in charge.  When confronted with perversity, he said "take care of it."  The indivdual responsible for this debacle is Mark Foley, none other.  And I'm tired of the blatant homophobia on both sides.

Of course it's all politics.  But the democrats' reactions sound increasingly strident and hysterical, aimed to separate the GOP from its evangelical base.  They'll never vote democrat, as long as the democrats remain intractable on a woman's right to choose.  Furthermore, I think they've taken so much abuse from the democrats over the years that even if the party of Jefferson were to repudiate reproductive choice, the evangelical base would still hold them in contempt. 

No, the aim of the democrats is not to attract voters to their side, but simply to cause the evangelicals enough grief and dispair that they'll stay home on election day.  That's cynical and contemptible.  It's Karl Rove lite, and if democrats stoop to such evil, then maybe they'll start to believe, as does the GOP, that the ends do justify the means.  At that point, the soul of America will be lost.

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