Thursday, September 14, 2006

Kidding in the cage

Apparently, it wasn't the judge's head Saddam squished vicariously.  Apparently the judge is biased toward the defense.  "You were not a dictator" he said yesterday to Saddam.  Hmm.  What happens if they find him "not guilty?"  "Freedom" should not be forced on societies that are too immature to appreciate it.  Appreciating it in this situation is to understand that Saddam is guilty--he has to be, or there is utterly no rationale to go to war with Iraq is there?

Who didn't make sure that Saddam "shot himself in the head" just prior to being discovered in his spider hole ... ?  I don't know what's worse, this Administration's ineptitude with regard to such matters, or the fact that they're so public about it.

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