Friday, September 15, 2006

The Everlasting Gospel

THE VISION OF CHRIST that thou dost see
Is my vision’s greatest enemy.


--William Blake, The Everlasting Gospel

Pope Benedict 16 has now offended Islam.  While yours truly loves nothing more than stirring up a hornet's nest, especially when it comes to sacred cows, of which Islam is FULL, it does seem somewhat ill-advised on "his holiness'" part.  Still, the vast majority of Islamic adherents are unwilling to accept any criticism whatsoever, or even enter into a discussion of what their religion means.  If someone misstates what they stand for, then it is up to them to educate--rather than condemn and demonize.  If their religion really is about love and brotherhood, let them correct misunderstandings, rather than just rant, rave and wail about their bruised sensibilities.  I've had it with Muslims and their negligible cultural ability to enter into any kind of meaningful dialog with Western Civilization. 

I disagree with 99.99% of what Pope Benedict says and stands for--but he was making a point about spreading religion by the sword.  He should not apologize.

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