Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hard Ware

Well, the TV has problems.  When I attached the HDMI cable, the TV said, "In power save mode, press key or mouse to resume..." or something like.  Also, attaching the component cables (Y,Pr,Pb) had no effect.  "No video signal."  Apprently there was no magic solution such as tuning to channel 3 and Dell is sending me a replacement.  Which means that I have to package up the TV I now have and send it back.  Bother.

I really wish that I had a vehicle with more cargo space.  I've been looking at the Honda Element, and it really has the best roomy interior of the SUVs on the market, but at $21,500, it might as well be $100,000.   I'm stretched to the limit as it is.  So, short of a windfall, I'll have to make due with my T-Bird.

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