Friday, August 18, 2006

Die Tag

Apparently there's been some vandalism on my condominium mailbox and mail may be interrupted until it's fixed.  Crap, crap, crap!  Crapo de tutti crapi!  This will interrupt my Netflix. 

Saw an interesting netflix last night: Immortality, aka The Wisdom of Crocodiles.  Jude Law plays a vampire of indeterminate age and origin who drinks love.  Because the love is present in the blood, he drinks the blood.  But there's also guilt, rage, sorrow, worry and a host of other emotions also present in the blood, which he then quite painfully passes (as though it were a kidney stone) in the form of a crystal. 

It is an interesting spin on the vampire mythology, like George Romero's Martin, for example or The Hunger.  No black capes or fangs.  It's a well-made film, but since it isn't action oriented, one I'm unlikely to see twice.

I've got Brick waiting, and I'm excited about it.  A noir thriller set in a high school with high-school aged characters.  Too cool for school.

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