Tuesday, August 29, 2006

DNA and John Mark Karr

Apparently, the DNA profile from the evidence under JonBenet Ramsey's fingernails does not match John Mark Karr.  While this seems to be exculpatory in Karr's case, it's still a good thing for the Ramsey family.  Clearly Colorado law enforcement is looking at DNA evidence as a means to solving the case.  What many, many people may not have known is that all members of the Ramsey family gave DNA samples to the police, and none of them matched the evidence on JonBenet's body.  More people may be aware of the Ramsey's exhoneration now because of the media interest in Karr.

Another good thing is that Karr, a self-confessed pedophile and sexual outlaw, will never again be anonymous, and hopefully because of that, will never again be in a position to abuse children.

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