Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Ten Days Ago...

It's been too long since I posted anything here.  To my faithful readers, I'm sorry.  But I've been in an emotional trough for the past ten days.  Last night I moved into a slight manic phase (I dropped my pants for a laugh in critique, how manic is that?) and this morning I'm feeling a bit more stable. 

The Inauguration, our National Day of Shame, cast a black cloud over my mood.  I substitute taught twice while Pam was in Mexico, and I've been trying to organize all the paper in my apartment which is to paper rather like the Augean Stables is to horseshit.  I've been extremely busy and preoccupied and every morning when I come in intending to put something, anything down here, despair pokes up her ugly head and says, "why bother?"  Too often lately, I've paid attention.

So that's my quick update.  The news is bad all around.  There's been a horrific wave of fundamentalist crap washing over the planet and it's depressing.  I simply cannot trust anything our President says or does.  That tone starts at the top and continues to the local level.  I can no longer trust my fellow citizens.  Oh, some I do, the ones maybe who I know by name.

I watched Bent over the weekend, a harrowing film of magnificent artistry.  And I thought to myself, we're as close to reliving those events as we've ever been in my lifetime.  If in this, the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, you wish to see a film about what it was like to undergo that horror, you can't pick a more sobering and wrenching experience than Bent.

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