Monday, January 10, 2005


Seattle saw a little dusting of snow over the weekend.  We live in a strange region here--there can be significant accumulation just a few miles away from dry pavement.  That's due to mountains and sea in close proximity.  However, I got pictures and it was lovely, if cold.

I made some progress on the novel this weekend.  Revised two scenes and wholly rewrote another.  It's been satisfying.

I have MillenniuM the second season, and I put in the first disk last night, and immediately became anxious and afraid.  So I took it out and watched The Big Easy instead.  The first episode of season 2 begins with Frank's voice talking about asteroids and comets.  He's staring into the dark sky at a comet passing by.  It reminded me too much of comet Hale Bopp's passing about six years ago.  It was a very painful period in my life, my mother had just passed away, and my room mate Thomas was suffering through chemotherapy, and then there was that horrific cult mass suicide in San Diego.  In just a minute and a half, MillenniuM managed to ressurrect all those painful events.  It may be a while before I'm able to watch the rest of it.  I'll try again tonight after writer's group.

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