Thursday, January 13, 2005

More Fall Out from Election 2004

The homophobes are becoming bolder.  And they will get even more so in light of the Supreme Court's recent decision not to review a law prohibiting children from being adopted by gay citizens in Florida.  Already conservative groups are licking their chops and planning to introduce similar legislation in other states around the country.  Clearly, this is another Dred Scot decision by the Supreme Court.  Although it's more like a Dred Scot indecision.  Citizens of one state are treated differently than citizens of another state for no good reason other than animosity.  This forces gay people who wish to be free from statutorily codified hatred and fear to live in certain sections of the country which are "more tolerant."  But this has always been true.  Even if a handful of other states pass laws similar to Florida's, there will always be those states where gay adoption is legal.  What is not so clear, however, is what will happen to a gay couple or gay single parent who has adopted a child, who then moves to a jurisdiction where such adoptions are not lawful?  Will the state step in to remove the child from that home?  That's when the outrage will be really transparent.

Now for the families in Florida which are directly affected by this indecision.  Families are made through love, nurturing and mutual respect.  I had a foster brother for only two years, and he is as much a part of our family as if he had been my brother by birth.  As individuals we are in control of our relationships, not the state.  Do not despair.

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