Wednesday, November 3, 2004

One Hundred Days

So America opted for the guy who started an unnecessary preemptive war costing thousands of needless American casualties by lying about it and then ran the deficit to record numbers all because they were concerned with "Moral Values?"

I confess I simply don't understand.  I don't get it.  I heard a truly frightening prognostication this morning on the radio.  A journalist whose name was Susskind, I believe stated: "George Bush believes that when power is granted it is to be used forcefully.  You can either join him or get out of the way."  How depressing.  But also, how infuriating.  Then let this fury be the impetus for change.  Let GWB have his hundred days of peace.  Then let him have it.  Stand in his way at every single opportunity.  Hector him.  Harass him.  Make his policies stall out like an engine badly in need of an oil change.  Do not join him and DO NOT GET OUT OF HIS WAY!  Stand directly in his way and say, not in my name!

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