Wednesday, November 10, 2004

A Conservative Athiest

Christopher Hitchens, the Vanity Fair editorial columnist, is exactly the kind of moderate I like.  Though he no doubt voted for the one I despise, he takes the liberals to task for their whining; which, may I add, only plays into the hands of gloating blue-baiters.  I find his take on the perception of the Bush electorate as as bunch of knuckle-dragging theocrats intensely interesting.  Read his view on Slate.  Okay, so whining democrats have gotten a lot of air time, because a lot of people enjoy the misery of others.  See my Schadenfreude trope below.  Liberals have been taught to express their feelings, rather than suck it up and act like men.  Thus the craven reaction.  Once our collective pain is accepted however, we need to meet the challenge and reaffirm our principles: especially our economic principles, otherwise the US will certainly become a pluralistic society: of those who can afford to live here, and those who most assuredly cannot.

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