Tuesday, November 2, 2004

The Day has Finally Come

Election day.  Thank heaven above for time.  It's felt as though the past six weeks have been trapped in some kind of evil bubble of anti-time, as attack, smear, attack, twist, duck, strike back, attack, seems to have grown a perceptively timeless quality, a quality of interminability, endlessness, infinity.  When Bush loses today will he have the grace to say, "let's all stand firm behind President Kerry as he attempts to clean my plate?"  Time does not really exist other than in our perception of it, so I'm grateful when certain laws of the universe, of gravity, rotating planets and the passage of days, ultimately results in the arrival of that blessed event: It's Over With.

Now we can get past the carping and get on with our lives.

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stwill61 said...


(I want to be watching tonight as GWB, who should be fighting back tears, instead looks clueless as he concedes.  And I hope Michael Moore is shown somewhere doing a silly dance of joy, as only an overweight white guy could.)