Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Yesterday was Washington state primary.  For the first time in 70 years voters were asked to declare a political party and vote strictly within those party lines.  I did not find it at all onerous.  In the privacy of my voting booth I could have crossed party lines and made spoiler votes, but I couldn't then vote for my choice within my own party.  And that, it seems to me, is as it should be. 

However, none of my choices won.  :(

I'm looking forward to seeing Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, which, if you're not familiar is the first film made entirely with live actors in a CGI environment.  Only the props and costumes are real.  The actors were filmed in front of a blue screen and all the scenic elements were then added after the fact.  Is this the look of things to come?  George Lucas has elsewhere said about the advent of digital imaging in Jurassic Park that viewing it was like being present at the birth of sound in cinema.  Someday we'll all look back and wonder how we ever did without it.

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