Friday, September 3, 2004

mea culpa

Okay, I think I have it figured out.  My apologies to those who have met with resistance trying to post comments to my blog.  It appears that what I've been doing after posting my entry, is closing my browser window instead of logging off AOL first.  Please do me a favor and try this experiment: I will now save this entry and log off of AOL.  Would you please try posting a comment to this entry and see if it works?  That way we can hopefully rule out any other reason why people who wish to comment have met with no success.  Thanks mucho!  Have a great Labor Day everyone!

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hackermc said...

Actually, after doing some more research on the matter, it appears that AOL requires readers who wish to post a comment to create a free screen name for that purpose.  You do not have to be an AOL subscriber to create the screen name.  You can also click the "remember me" button when setting up your screen name so that whenever you wish to log in, you can do so without having to type in your name and password.  I hope this is not too onerous to potential discourse.  If you've had problems posting comments, please try again using your screen name and password to log in.  Best wishes to all!