Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fabulous! For a good clean feeling, no matter what!

Today is Wednesday and I'm sick as a dog with the flu.  I'm so sick I can't even watch tv for very long before I become light-headed and have to nap.  So we'll see how long I can blog!  In any event, I did happen to catch one of my favorite spokespersons on the tube today--the Orbit Gum Lady.  You know the one--she appears dressed in prim white duds while people get very, very filthy, but have brilliant white smiles.  What is it about British spokespeople that tickles my fancy?  I also like Tony Sinclair, the spokesperson for Tanqueray.  You don't get to see Tony unless you watch cable.  My understanding is that hard liquor ads don't air on network tv, which I never watch.  At any rate, the Orbit Gum Lady is Vanessa Branch, an actress/model who holds dual UK/American citizenship.  Although it's nice to have a moment or two to check out the Orbit Gum Lady when one has a notion to do so, I'd rather be well.  Hot flash coming!  Gotta go.

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