Friday, January 12, 2007

Decline and Fall

I'm an emotional wreck over my friend Janice, who may be dying.  She was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor two weeks ago.  She had surgery Tuesday, there was a complication, and now she may be paralyzed on her left side.  I've known Janice since 2002, when we took a writing class together.  She's in my thoughts constantly now that she's in the hospital.  Before her surgery she told me that she would fight the disease and that she wanted to finish her novel.  It is her dream to see it in print.  Her experience has made me reflect on my own mortality.  We all must die.  We all owe God a death.  We all will eventually lay down.  The good part is we get to lay down our burdens.  The hard part is that we have to lay down our dreams as well. 

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