Tuesday, October 4, 2005

The Best that I Could Find

I would really like my blog to be about more than politics.  However, it is a juicy subject that incites rabid prose and so I find myself drawn back to it again and again.  George W. Bush said today of his choice to nominate Harriet Meirs to be the Supreme Court justice to replace Sandra Day O'Connor that she was "the best that I could find."  Hardly a ringing endorsement of his pick, or for his administration.  Did he look very far?  Well, I suppose he opened the Oval Office door and looked as far as the end of the hall.  I get the image of a beleaguered president, an incompetent administrator who is so insulated by handlers, spin doctors and sycophants that he is out of touch with everything and anything outside his immediate zone of reference: The White House, Kennebunkport and Crawford, Texas.  The President in the Plastic Bubble.  He's the best that the voters could find. 

Still, that Harriet Miers is a total blank slate is better than the alternative, a neo-fascist right wing idealogue.  And for that, there is reason to breathe a sigh of relief.

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