Thursday, April 28, 2005

Microsoft Caves to Homophobia

I love Microsoft products.  Although Microsoft has been a vicious corporate competitor and has essentially built a software monopoly, it has been a boon to computer users--offering a platform that is intuitive.  It has also imposed an industry standard--creating more stability throughout the computer industry.  It has also been good for the region.  Millions have poured into the local economy, taking Seattle from a dingy backwater to a world-class city (with some help from Boeing and Kurt Cobain).  So, their klutzy backpedaling on the Washington Gay Rights Bill is disappointing.  It would be unconscionable if they didn't have such a superb track record with their own employees.  But they do.  So in this instance I feel I must take the position that they caved to uncertainty, trying to weigh the balance between their corporate welfare and their devotion to progress in the world.  It is an understandable mistake and I forgive them.  We learn through failure.  I will not abandon my Windows XP and MS Word.

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