Tuesday, April 5, 2005

The Holy Pigsty

It occurs to me that I was far too full of the milk of human kindness  in yesterday's post.  Therefore, I shall discase my more negative self to rail against the injustices and inequities in this world, as represented by the office of the Papacy.  The Pope is an artifact of the middle ages, shellacked with some Renaissance frou-frou, as much an anachronism as a thumbscrew or an iron maiden.  The Pope is no different from any other despot, say,  Saddam Hussein, who believes himself to have the one truth against which all other concepts shall be judged and found wanting.  I have no more personal grief over this Pope's death at 84 years than I do over road kill.  I thank God Almighty that my ancestors turned away from that gross indecency called Roman Catholicism and embraced the teachings of Martin Luther.

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