Friday, March 11, 2005

The Mission of the Passion

Mel Gibson's pathogenic cash cow Passion of the Christ returns to the cineplexes today with six minutes of the most extreme violence excised so that you can feel free to take your pre-adolescent confirmands.  According to the IMDB, this Passion re-cut is slated to go into perennial release around this time of the year--much like The Greatest Story Ever Told in the 70's and Jesus of Nazareth in the '80s.  Unlike Passion of the Christ, those two former films actually feature some of the tenants of Christian faith, and depict the crucifiction in context.  Make no mistake, Passion of the Christ is not revealed truth as so many would have it, but a cynical money grab by Hollywood whores.  It's a movie for goodness' sake, not holy writ.  So, with no golden Oscars to show for itself, it returns to secure more lucre from evangelical fools who worship the appearance of faith and belief over its truth and substance: the essence of the golden calf.  Idolatry and blasphemy.


stwill61 said...

Michael,  remind me.  Did you see this movie?

hackermc said...

I was wondering if you'd seen this entry.  :)  Okay, it's a *little* over the top.  To answer your question Steve, not in its entirety.