Friday, August 20, 2010

Post Censored

Well, I finally went over the edge at the Seattle Times. They posted this interesting story about a man in a banana costume getting arrested for indecent exposure. This, as you might expect, invited anyone with a budding standup comedy career to take their best shot. While several of my offerings made the grade (see Donuthole's posts), my favorite was censored. So I repost it here for the benefit and smiles of all:

How is a banana like a Liberal? They're soft and squishy on the inside, and yellow on the outside. How is a banana like a Republican? When they get older, they turn brown and are good for making bread.


Steve Will said...

They censored THAT one? But it was FUNNY! And Balanced!

Michael Hacker said...

Thank you Steve. I'm glad you laughed. (In fairness to the
Times, my original post only included the liberal question, I only thought of the Republican comparison after the fact...)