Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hmm, lotsa gayness

Jerry Lewis called one of his production team an "illiterate fag" during the telethon.  Apparently, as soon as Jerry found out today that GLAAD was skipping mad (as opposed to hopping mad), he apologized profusely and contritely.  Come on GLAAD, Isaiah Washington, self-important actor bully, was one thing, but Lewis is a comedian.  His joking insult was in the tradition of "the Roast."  Watch a celebrity roast sometime, see how many times the "f" word gets dropped.  Lighten up already.

Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead are being outed as lovers in a new book.  Apparently, one of the interviewees claims that a video exists of the two engaged in oral sex.  Birkhead denies the heady reports, saying that the witnesses and the author are "losers."  Still, it makes a smarmy, crazy kind of sense....  Oh, and the book also alleges that Stern and Birkhead conspired to keep ANS anesthetized with a steady supply of narcotics, pills and booze before she died of an overdose of narcotics, pills and booze. 

I wonder if the same thing's happening to Trouble--Leona Helmsley's pet Maltise--if at some undesignated location, the poor puppy is being kept prisoner on a steady diet of beef fat and doggie downers. 

What happens when a dog dies intestate?  Certainly Trouble can't will his fortune to anyone else--you have to be a human being in order to sign such a document.  Or would it go to Trouble's next of kin?  I'll ask one of our estate attorneys.

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