Thursday, June 28, 2007

Racial Profiling

Racism.  The US Supreme Court yesterday stood up in support of racism by deciding against the Seattle School Board's practice of ensuring racial diversity in Seattle schools by taking race into account when deciding which students attend which high schools.  Seattle has 10 high schools in diverse economic neighborhoods.  The school at the center of the case, Ballard High, is a highly regarded, progressive, artistically oriented school, like Garfield High, in South Seattle, whose graduates tend to go on to college.

Apparently the Justices want to create a "color blind" society in which race is not an issue.  What they are taking aim at are quotas, preferences and the concept of "reverse discrimination" if that indeed exists.

Nothing needs to change.  The school board can learn from the lessons taught by Republican racists themselves.  To wit: the redistricting of Texas by Tom Delay.  You can get around the issue of race, yet achieve the same racial aims by making the quotas and preferences have to do with economics and geographic location. 

Use their own weapons against them. 

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