Wednesday, March 14, 2007

White House or Out House?

Just how much stench must the Out (White) House emit before the latrine gets emptied?  Is the U.S. Attorney firing scandal the feces that will finally stick to the wall?  Will someone, anyone, from this administration finally be held to account?  (Scooter Libby doesn't count--he wasn't held to account for anything he did, just for what he didn't do).

But no--this Administration wants to shift blame and the burden of their failures of diplomacy, war oversight and torture excesses, in fact just about everything, on our men and women in uniform.  Most recently: the Walter Reed scandal.  Nevermind that Bush has consistently slashed veteran's benefits throughout his terms.

And Halliburton is moving to Dubai, out of reach of Congressional oversight, possibly.  Does anyone remember the scandal that erupted over the news that the Administration was outsourcing port homeland security to a Dubai firm?  And do you wonder if there is any connection?

The war profiteering that this Bush Administration has turned a blind eye to, or even tacitly encouraged, is rotten to the core.

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