Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I feel fat and lazy.  I go to work and go home and sit my fat ass down in front of a TV, while at the same time playing computer games until my brain is fairly buzzing with blinking lights and my mood is pacified.  It's like alcohol, only without a hangover.  I'm doing exactly the same thing I used to do with booze, only now I'm doing it with technology.  I've wasted YEARS doing this same old sh-8.

I started eating bread again in January.  (I was sick and gosh darn it, I deserved to eat something I wanted!)  And so I've gained back everything I lost in the last three months. 

In my internal movie, this is how it would go:  After job, go home.  Take a walk or ride the stationary bike for 45 minutes.  Eat something quick and light.  Write for 2 hours.  Or do some other kind of work for 2 hours, whether it be editing, lesson plans, etc.  2 hours of TV, or one Netflix (with or without computer game at the same time).  Bed.  Up at 7.  1 hour of personal work (fiction, editing, bill paying, filing, etc.)  Go to job.

That would give me plenty of time to get caught up on mail, filing, getting organized, etc.  This is how it goes in my internal movie.  Will life mirror art?


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