Monday, June 19, 2006

Ashamed to be an Iowan

Today I'm ashamed to have been born in Iowa.  It is a grand state full of literate, sensitive people.  Except for one--US Representative Steven King. 

King was instrumental in stripping a House Bill (H.R. 5576) which would have financially benefitted the LAGLC, the largest urban gay resource center in the United States.  You can click on this link: LAGLC, to see the people that Steven King, the bigot (not the author, who with one openly gay child, is a good friend to the gay community) is so damned afraid of.

LAGLC provides AIDs assistance and prevention services, mental health services, and employment counseling.  Apparently, for representative King the only good gays are those who are either (1) dead, or (2) acutely depressed and chronically unemployed.  If this had been a center that provided services to any other class or group of people, King's constituents would have seen the bigotry for precisely what it is.

Reprehensible.  I call on all of my Iowa friends and relatives to oppose this mean spirited and dangerous person the next time he is up for reelection.

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