Monday, September 26, 2005


My first class went very well last Wednesday.  I like my students and everyone seems extremely focused and excited.  I feel very lucky to have such a good, smart bunch. 

Over the weekend I saw Roll Bounce, which was very enjoyable.  I was only white person in the audience until a white couple snuck in after the previews started.  I must say, it was an incredibly ennobling and spirited film.  No swearing, no sex, but a story told in charming, forthright terms that had a good message.  Notable because of its wholesomeness, but also because it took me back to high school.  There is something precious about those memories.  Some of them make me cringe, but the friends I made then are still my friends all these many years later.  And the 70's was a time of innocence, wasn't it, before AIDS, before the cynicism of Ronald Wilson Reagan.  Trickle-down economics indeed.  People know when they're being trickled on.

I was almost about to say before terrorism.  But as I recall terrorism was a fact of life in the 70s.  The Olympic murders in Munich, the hijacking of the jet to Entebbe, etc.  It's just that it was so far away.  Not any more.

It soothes me to think that George W. Bush is simply a hypocrite.  That he's only a born again Christian for the sake of politics.  He certainly found Christ at the same time he entered politics.  So the timing of it all is somewhat suspect.  That actually makes me feel a lot more secure than the alternative--that he really IS a Bible-believing evangelical who really doesn't care to preserve the earth because God will just simply remake it, and why take any pains to conserve the environment because the end times are upon us anyway.

I would rather have had the voters repudiate him in 2004.  However, if the GOP loses its majority in both houses of congress in 2006, that will be solice enough.  Vote Democrat.


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