Monday, May 16, 2005

Monday-An Inventory

Happy Monday.  For the wage slave, it is yet another opening to a string of days in which one's time, the very energy of life, is sold to the highest bidder.  We are not truly slaves.  One may opt out of the American commercial system at any time.  One can become a non-person, living on the fringe, say, in an aluminum trailer somewhere in the wilds of Nevada.  I only wish I had the courage...

The weekend was good.  Saw a great Mariners game on Friday evening.  Many HRs, two back to back by Beltre and Sexson.  They are fine additions to our team.  Ate one hot dog too many, and the onions disagreed.  They mounted an armed rebellion in my gut and quickly overwhelmed all resistance.  Onions and Michael do not get along, but ja, sure, you betcha, they're tasty on a dog with yellow mustard and sweet relish.

However, during the game, became aware of a twinge in my upper back (right between the left scapula and the spine) that began to radiate stabbing pain whenever I moved my arm or upper body.  That pain did not abate and is still with me, though on Saturday it stabbed me whenever I took a breath.  I almost went to the ER but I didn't want to pay four hundred dollars for a bottle of pain pills.  So I suffered through with my electric massage wand (a very good investment).  I would have used ice but since it was very hard to reach I opted not to. 

I have been seeing a new dentist and he wants me to spend $8,000.  I think I need an even newer dentist.  I would like to have the courage to say, "I want only medically necessary treatment."  But I'm such a people pleaser that I find that extremely difficult.  Tonight I'm supposed to have another impression taken of my jaws, though I've sent an e-mail stating that if it means another $200 - (I had this done in April) then I don't want it.  They haven't responded to the e-mail. 

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