Friday, October 15, 2004

Make it Stop!

Only 18 days until the election but that still seems interminable.  I just want it to be OVER and done with, and in the past.  The president is pathological, and that tone starts from the top, he must be put out.

The latest evidence is this non-story about Mary Cheney and Senator Kerry's innocuous mention of her in the third debate.  He did it to expose GOP hypocrisy when it comes to gay Americans.  Well, Andrew Sullivan makes my point better than I ever, ever could, so hopefully he won't take it amiss if I quote him here:

". . .  the Mary Cheney thing is a brilliant maneuver by the Republicans. Rove knows that most people do find mentioning someone's daughter's lesbianism to be distasteful and gratuitous. So he can work it to great effect, exploiting homophobia while claiming to be defending gays. Again: masterful jujitsu. I tip my hat to the guy. Poisonous, but effective."

The GOP spin machine is a wonder to behold.  I must resist my impulse to luxuriate in hate and fear by watching the news, by reading the news internet sites.  Don't succumb to the culture of division that is being created in the politicial discourse/acrimony of our times.  It's simply too upsetting.  Repudiate George W. Bush and everything he stands for.

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