Friday, August 13, 2004

But who was on top?

Sex scandal in New Jersey, of all places.  Handsome 47 year old governor James McGreevey has announced his resignation, it appears, moments before sexual harrassment litigation was set to explode across the headlines.  The amorous object of the governor's affections?  One Golan Cipel, an Israeli national who was appointed to a number of highly paid jobs in the McGreevey administration despite dubious qualifications, leading to allegations of croneyism.  Well, the Republicans must be licking their chops now.  After all, they KNOW what do to with closeted gays--who can be easily destroyed.  It's the out of the closet gays they can't shame into shutting up and giving up. 

Of course, we all want to know what Mr. Cipel, former Israeli soldier looks like.  For a glimpse, click here.  Dare we wonder who did what to whom?  :)

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